The attorneys at Bennett, Bricklin & Saltzburg  LLC treat retail liability and food law as a distinct and separate area of law requiring focused expertise.  Our food law team, headed by members Victoria Komarnicki and Beth Carter know that it is crucial to develop and maintain an understanding of our client’s needs and concerns throughout the litigation process.  This group recognizes that what we do, from the time of the initial response to a claim through the discovery process and trial or settlement, reflects on the client and may impact that client’s reputation and interests in other litigation.  As such, this team knows the importance of forging a close personal relationship with the client and becoming knowledgeable in every aspect of the client’s policies and procedures, including the food preparation, maintenance and service of food and beverages. This relationship and knowledge are vital tools in defending these cases.

The team represent food manufacturers, distributors, and other members of the quick service and casual dining industry in the defense of matters involving alleged infestation and contamination by foreign objects, foodborne illness, including an e-coli breakout.  Beth and Vicky have litigated many slip and fall and foodborne illness cases. They have become knowledgeable in the medicine involved and have a network of qualified experts to assist in the defense of these cases.

Although the retail restaurant defense team aggressively defends these cases and will present a defense as thorough and well-prepared as those provided by a larger firm, it does so at a considerably lower cost than larger firms handling similar matters. The group repeatedly demonstrates that the cost of defense - unlike the merits of the case - need not be the predominant factor in the decision whether to settle. Personalized attention to specific client’s needs and a working knowledge of the client’s business are the keys to giving this team an edge over their adversaries and competitors.

Our team defends cases for clients throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey as well as the New York metro area. 

For more information, please contact Victoria Komarnicki at or 215-665-3303, Beth Carter at or 215-665-3311.