Led by Paul Lantieri and Michele Turner and assisted by a number of other members, this group handles a wide variety of products liability litigation in the state and federal courts of Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

Bennett, Bricklin & Saltzburg LLC has defended manufacturers and sellers of virtually every type of product, including food products (an area of particular expertise in the firm), household and industrial machinery, trucks, garage doors, prescription and nonprescription drugs, cosmetics and beauty aids, medical and surgical devices, pre-engineered buildings, building materials, pumps and valves, all-terrain vehicles, sports equipment, chain saws, electrical devices, spreaders, cranes, baby clothing, toys, furniture, and flammable fabrics.

In addition, the firm has been involved in virtually every significant segment of toxic tort litigation in the region in the past thirty years, including asbestos, DES, lead paint, benzene, pesticides, breast implants, nursing bottle syndrome, and latex gloves. The firm is well-known for its ability to handle complex lawsuits in a cost-effective manner, with positive and practical results.

This practice group understands the practical considerations that affect product design and manufacture and the untenable position in which manufacturers often find themselves as they try to comply with legal requirements while also meeting customers’ needs and specifications. These issues were addressed in Paul Lantieri’s articles published in DRI’s For the Defense, “Customer Specifications in Design Defect Claims,” and in P.D.I.’s Counterpoint, “Contract Terms Determine Duty to Address Safety Concerns,” both of which can be found in the publication section of this website.

We believe that it is crucial that we develop and maintain an understanding of our clients’ needs and concerns throughout the litigation process. The group recognizes that what we do, from the time of the initial response to a lawsuit through the discovery process and trial or settlement, reflects on the client and may impact the client’s interests in other litigation.

One of the trial techniques used by the group is to personalize the product manufacturer to the jury. This technique, among others, has been very successful. Moreover, although the group - with the client's permission - will employ any resources necessary to win a case and will present a defense as thorough as those provided by larger firms, it does so at a considerably lower cost than larger firms handling similar matters. The group repeatedly demonstrates that the cost of defense, unlike the merits of the claim, need not be a predominant factor in deciding whether to settle.

For more information, please contact Paul F. Lantieri at lantieri@bbs-law.com or 215-665-3301, Michele E. Turner at mturner@bbs-law.com or 215-665-3344 or Bourne Ruthrauff at ruthrauff@bbs-law.com or 215-567-2883.