Since 2005, The Privacy Rights Clearinghouse has cataloged 7,100 public data breaches, exposing over 900 million records. In this quickly changing and data-driven world, companies are increasing their exposure to cyber losses with every additional terabyte of information they collect from their customers and employees. Additionally, with the ever-changing data breach notification laws and privacy regulations, companies need to prepare for the inevitable data breach by developing comprehensive cyber security policies and a full-proof incident response plan ready to implement at a moment’s notice.

Our Privacy & Data Security team, headed by member John F. Barrett has extensive practical experience in: public and private entity privacy obligations, information security and cyber incident response. Along with the team’s experience in complex and class action litigation, it is also uniquely positioned to provide companies with full scale representation before and after a data breach, including counseling on state and federal privacy laws and regulations, investigation into the root cause of a data breach, coordination of notification obligations and representation in resulting litigation or regulatory investigations.

The expertise of the Privacy & Data Security team extends across public and private sectors. We have experience preparing incident response plans, developing cyber policies and procedures, successfully responding to malicious threat actors on behalf of small and large businesses and providing technical and legal counsel to companies responding to a data breach or responding to routine record (PHI/PII) requests..

For more information please contact John F. Barrett at or 215-665-3391.