This group of litigators, led by Warren F. Sperling, handles premises liability, construction and building collapse, and numerous other types of cases arising most often under commercial general liability and homeowner policies.

In premises liability cases handled by the firm, the team utilizes early, intensive discovery fashioned for the particular case, surveillance when appropriate, site photographs and inspections and procedural motions to maximize the client's defense. All of these efforts are designed to permit the client to determine as quickly as possible whether the claim should be defended or settled and the value of the claim.

Under the umbrella of general liability claims, the firm has handled a variety of other unusual matters as well. The firm has represented several clergy accused in civil cases of sexual assaults against minors. Warren Sperling has developed a subspecialty in building collapse cases. The firm has defended a number of celebrities as well as private individuals against claims of libel, slander, defamation and other torts.

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