Spring 2009


  • Court Affirms Award of Summary Judgment to Major League Umpires and Their Newly Created Union
  • Court Grants Defendant Mother's Motion for Summary Judgment Where Her Adult Son Sexually Abused the Plaintiffs in Her Home When They Were Minors
  • Summary Judgment to Employer in Dispute Over Collective Bargain Agreement
  • United States District Court Grants Summary Judgment in Premises Liability Negligence Action
  • Defendants Granted Summary Judgment for Failure of Plaintiffs to Prove All Elements of Their Cause of Action
  • Judge Upholds Removal to Federal Court One Year After Suit Started and After Discovery Determination in State Court

Summer 2008


  • Superior Court Reverses $445,000 Jury Verdition the Basis of Improper Argument Made by Plantiff's Counsel
  • Minor Impacts Bring Paltry Jury Awards and Succes for SIU Team
  • Default Vacated, Summary Judgement Granted in Assault Case
  • Superior Court Upholds Montgomery County Jury Verdict
  • Defense Award in Tenant's Employee vs. Landloard in Slip and Fall on Ice in Parking Lot
  • Charles Lanzalotti Preps Students for Mock Trial