The attorneys of this practice group, headed by John F. Barrett, Paul F. Lantieri, and Nicole Pérez-Lengel have substantial maritime litigation experience, including cases that have involved the following:

Represented large freight forwarders against a manufacturer and a commercial carrier in New Jersey federal court on litigation based on cargo damage to imported pharmaceutical ingredients damaged by commercial carrier following maritime shipment.

Obtained summary judgment based on Carriage of Goods by Sea Act (COGSA) based on multi-modal bill of lading limiting value of losses to statutory minimum.  We have also defended a freight expediter in multiple venues for damages arising from mis-shipment of cargo. The mis-shipped cargo was often urgent, perishable and/or sensitive.  The mis-shipments included both improper destinations, improper handling, improper labeling, improper shipment method and customs/declaration errors.

Defended claims against maritime shippers based on Jones Act and Longshore and Harbor Workers Compensation Act (LHWCA). 

Investigated Defense Base Act claims by large US Department of Defense contractors involved in overseas contingency contracting.  Claims involved various injuries alleged by contractors at overseas US facilities and operations.  Also investigated and defended claims under the Non-appropriated Fund Instrumentalities Act (NFIA) which applies the LHWCA to civilian employees of certain entities of the United States under the jurisdiction of the armed forces.

Investigated and litigated international cargo losses related to improper loading, weighing, stowage and security of cargo containers, vessel unseaworthiness and route deviation of both liner service and charter party contracts.

Represented ship and tug boat owners and operators in suits seeking to recover for injuries caused by on-board exposures to asbestos or benzene. The claims, which were coupled with product liability claims against other defendants, were based on the Jones Act and general maritime law, and required detailed analyses of the plaintiffs’ work aboard the vessels to ascertain likelihood and levels of exposures, along with historical research regarding the manufacture and overhauls of the vessels in order to determine the manufacturers and compositions of the equipment aboard the ships.

Represented a benzene manufacturer in suits that combined products and maritime claims.

Represented the municipal entity that owns the NYC run hospitals in a clean-up suit where hazardous waste from the hospitals washed up at the Tioga Marine Terminal.

Represented a manufacturer that sells yachts and owns marinas in Connecticut and New York in multiple lawsuits involving allegations of negligent maintenance and repair of ramps and treads as a violation of Maritime law, as well as service of alcohol at marinas, insufficient lighting on dock, failure to warn as to water level/changing height of the ramps/docks.

Represented a marina that sells boats on dry land, sells wet docks, and owns boat slips and also rents boats for daily use on a lake in multiple lawsuits involving allegations of defective design in showcasing boats; negligent maintenance of docks, and insufficient treads on ramps.

Currently litigating a case in federal court relating to the sale and shipment of submarine cable by a South Korean manufacturer and shipper. 

For more information, contact John F. Barrett at or 215-665-3391, Paul F. Lantieri at or 215-665-3301, Nicole Pérez-Lengel at or 215-665-3327.