Make-Up Time Request

Important - Please Read:

Make-Up Time is for those rare occasions when a support staff member has an appointment or some other issue that cannot be handled outside of his/her normal work day hours and is not intended to create a day to day flexible work schedule. Make-Up Time must be requested as far in advance as possible, absent extenuating circumstances. 

By submitting this form, you are notifying Human Resources and the Office Manager, only, of your Make-Up Time request. In addition to submitting this form, you must notify your supervisor(s) separately of any and all time you schedule out of the office.

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Date Requested
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Please enter the reason for your request below, i.e. "doctors appt" "child's school function". DO NOT include any personal details or medical information. If further explanation is needed, we will contact you.

By submitting this form, I understand that:

I am only permitted to make up time taken that amounts to less than three and one half hours (including lunch time). If I am out of the office for three and one half hours or more, I cannot make up that time and it will be applied against my available paid time off or my pay will be reduced by the time not worked. In addition, no make up time may be used during the week between Christmas and New Years, absent an emergency.

If approved, time taken which is less than three and one half hours may be made up and submitted within the week of the date taken. Time must be made up in a minimum of 15 minute increments. If time is not fully made up and a corresponding make up time submission not completed, my time off with be reduced. If I have no paid time off available, my pay will be reduced for the hours not worked. I cannot accumulate make up time in advance of the day that the time is taken off. 

Upon submission you will be notified whether your request has been approved.
If approved, further documentation may be required.