Headed by member Pamela A. Carlos, this group of members and associates is at the forefront of bad faith, extra-contractual and coverage litigation. Although active in these arenas for more than twenty years, the firm's practice grew dramatically with passage by the Pennsylvania Legislature in 1990 of a statute specifically allowing bad faith causes of action against insurers.

Since that time the team has helped shape the developing law pertaining to the scope of the bad faith statute; comparative and reverse bad faith; standing; bifurcation and severance; statutes of limitations; and scope of discovery and trial evidence. In addition, the team has developed and presented numerous seminars, to professional organizations and clients discussing legal developments in this area and outlining procedures that can be utilized to minimize the risk of exposure to a bad faith claim.

Other members of the team concentrate on rendering insurance coverage opinions to clients and, when appropriate, litigating those issues in declaratory judgment and related proceedings. Such opinions usually arise from disputed portions of commercial general liability, homeowner and automobile policies. An example is the firm's involvement in a series of matters litigating the availability of coverage in sexual molestation and similar abuse cases.

For more information, please contact Pamela A. Carlos at carlos@bbs-law.com or 215-665-3315, Louis E. Bricklin at bricklin@bbs-law.com or 215-665-3400 or Katherine C. Douglas at douglas@bbs-law.com or 215-665-3364.