Under the leadership of member John F. Barrett, our Hospitality and Liquor Liability Group aggressively defends owners and operators of establishments that serve alcohol.   John Barrett is a former employee of the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board where he worked in the Chief Counsel’s office. 

Our team appreciates the great risks associated with serving alcohol and the potentially devastating consequences on business owners and insurance carriers in these high-exposure cases. John has handled first and third party Dram Shop cases involving claims for wrongful death and serious injuries such as quadriplegia, significant scarring, and closed head injuries. Our team advises bars, nightclubs, casinos, hotels, restaurants, social clubs, caterers, special events, and other establishments in proper training and security protocols and conducts intensive internal investigations to avoid and effectively respond to often costly and stressful dram shop actions. We employ critical litigation strategies in mediation, arbitration and trial courts to protect our client’s assets as well as reputations. We fully appreciate that public relations is an important component of any successful business and we work hard to protect all of our clients’ interests. 

In addition to our advising and training services, we also aggressively defend against assault and battery, wrongful death, sexual assault, and personal injury dram shop claims.  Our attorneys’ trial skills and courtroom acumen are unparalleled and prove invaluable to our clients in these often catastrophic cases.   

For more information on our Hospitality and Liquor Liability Practice Group, please contact John Barrett and barrett@bbs-law.com or 215-665-3391.