Under the leadership of members, Paul F. Lantieri, Charity C. Hyde, Michele E. Turner, and Nicole Pérez-Lengel, this group combines our sophisticated legal prowess with intricate scientific expertise to defend our clients in complex environmental and toxic tort claims.  We defend manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, contractors, land and building owners and insurance carriers in a variety of related matters. 

Our team’s broad range of expertise includes defending claims involving hazardous materials, volatile and semi-volatile chemicals, environmental exposure and contamination, groundwater and air contamination, seepage, sick building suits, landfill litigation and more.  

The Environmental and Toxic Tort Practice Group maintains a synergistic relationship with our firm’s complementary practice groups that include insurance coverage, construction and privacy and data security, to achieve optimal and efficient results for our clients.  Our teams work together to address and defend issues of indemnity and insurance coverage arising from underlying claims and when necessary defend actions in courts across the country.  We can also defend enforcement actions before administrative bodies and courts, conduct company-wide audits and special internal investigations involving environmental practice and regulatory compliance at state and federal levels, and when necessary defend actions in courts across the country.   We also represent industry clients, insurance carriers and trade associations in appellate courts to defend against bodily injury, wrongful death, and economic damage claims stemming from toxic torts, and advise our clients on E.P.A. and other regulations for health and safety compliance.  

Our team uses cutting edge technology in the chemical and engineering fields to provide the best defense for our clients.  These multi-party cases often involve rigid litigation timetables that require fast and careful defense action and strong leadership.  Our Environmental and Toxic Tort Practice Group aggressively defends our clients while maintaining practical cost control measures for our client’s benefit.  

For more information on this innovative practice group, please contact Paul F. Lantieri at lantieri@bbs-law.com or 215-665-3301, Charity C. Hyde at hyde@bbs-law.com or 215-665-3302, Michele E. Turner at mturner@bbs-law.com or 215-665-3344 or Nicole Pérez-Lengel at lengel@bbs-law.com, or 215-665-3327.