Technology Proficient Attorneys

The attorneys of this practice group, headed by David Bronstein, Charity Hyde and Mony B.P. Yin, have substantial aviation litigation experience, including cases involving both helicopters and airplanes. This also includes representation of aircraft manufacturers and parts manufacturers, as well as airports, airlines and pilots.

The team successfully defended a fixed base operator on a wrongful death claim arising out of a crash, which was allegedly caused by faulty maintenance of the involved aircraft. The team was able to convince the Court that the insured had properly performed the maintenance, and that the accident was caused by pilot error.

In a multiple fatality crash, the team represented the re-manufacturer of one of the instruments on the aircraft. The team was able to track down and retain as an expert, the engineer who had designed the instrument for the original manufacturer. That expert's testimony convinced the Court that the operation of the instrument had nothing to do with the cause of the crash, and the re-manufacturer was released from the litigation.

The team has represented airlines on a number of passenger liability claims arising out of domestic, as well as international flights. In the majority of those claims, the team has been successful in having the cases dismissed or in obtaining rulings favorable to the airline. In those few cases of liability on the part of the airline, the team has been successful in resolving the cases within the settlement authority range specified by the airline.

For more information, contact David Bronstein at or (215) 665-3342, Charity Hyde at or (215) 665-3302 or Mony B.P. Yin at or (646) 565-5043.