The attorneys of this practice group, headed by David Bronstein, Charity Hyde and Mony B.P. Yin,have substantial aviation litigation experience including representation of airlines, airports and airline employees.

Jennifer Shorr has successfully defended in various phases of litigation commercial airlines in cases involving physical injury which occurred during the transport of a disabled passenger, objects falling out of overhead compartment during flight, liability for failure to detect maintenance issues which led to emergency landings, failure to properly instruct passengers during an emergency landing and failure to maintain transportation carts. These cases have been in state and federal courts in Pennsylvania. She has also successfully defended airlines in claims alleging employment discrimination.

Mony B.P. Yin has represented airlines in a number of passenger liability claims arising out of domestic, as well as international flights. In addition to handling claims similar to the ones listed above, Mony has defended commercial airlines in cases involving claims of negligent operation of a jetway and, in another matter defended an airline in a claim alleging product defect in an armrest where an infant’s pinkie finger was traumatically amputate. She handles such matters in both state and federal court in New York. In addition, she is also defending a wrongful death claim in New York involving a claim of negligent entrustment of a private aircraft to a novice pilot and improper maintenance of the aircraft. In the majority of those claims, the team has been successful in having the cases dismissed or in obtaining rulings favorable to the airline. In those few cases where settlement was advisable, the team has been successful in resolving the cases within the settlement authority range specified by the airline.

For more information, contact David Bronstein at or 215-665-3342, Charity Hyde at or 215-665-3302 or Mony B.P. Yin at or 646-565-5043.